#4 Watching Television Can Be Addictive

Andy's Follies 4

I was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast the other day. The guest was Professor Jordan Peterson. Now, I actually was in a class Dr. Peterson taught and he was an incredible teacher.

However, you find out sooner or later that you don’t agree with everything your heroes say. Sometimes you find out you don’t agree with a lot of stuff.

On the podcast, Dr. Peterson voiced the opinion he couldn’t see how anyone would be pro-Marxist. I humbly suggest he watch Victorian Slum House for a few episodes.



#3 Working Out At The Gym

Andy's Follies #3

Reasons why I work out:

  1. Listen to podcasts.
  2. Avoid “real” work.
  3. I like to take my body-shame out for a walk.

Looking at me you wouldn’t think I’m incredibly overweight. However, my doctor knows the sordid truth. He’s a good guy. He likes to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. So much so that after my last physical he emailed me the results.

  • Blood pressure – Good
  • Cholesterol – Good
  • Fat – AWESOME

I might be exaggerating a little. He did write me to say I’m officially fat.

It’s good to feel appreciated for my accomplishments.




#2 – Getting Touched

Andy's Follies #2

My anxiety bubbles up in odd ways.

Every once in a while my neck and shoulders seize up on me. It was getting so bad I decided to get a massage. The goal was to get those muscles to calm down a little bit and relax.

I’ll be talking a bit about my invisible disability on Andy’s Follies. The reason why it’s invisible is that I’ve spent a lot of time and energy figuring out how to appear to be normal. If my weird muscle condition doesn’t cause my neck/shoulder pain, then it probably exacerbates it. And if I don’t manage that pain, then I get migraines.

I hate having migraines.

Anyway, my trip to the masseuse brought up some issues I have about getting touched by people I don’t know well. Somehow, we were able to navigate around said issues. My neck/shoulder pain is back to being manageable.