#2 – Getting Touched

Andy's Follies #2

My anxiety bubbles up in odd ways.

Every once in a while my neck and shoulders seize up on me. It was getting so bad I decided to get a massage. The goal was to get those muscles to calm down a little bit and relax.

I’ll be talking a bit about my invisible disability on Andy’s Follies. The reason why it’s invisible is that I’ve spent a lot of time and energy figuring out how to appear to be normal. If my weird muscle condition doesn’t cause my neck/shoulder pain, then it probably exacerbates it. And if I don’t manage that pain, then I get migraines.

I hate having migraines.

Anyway, my trip to the masseuse brought up some issues I have about getting touched by people I don’t know well. Somehow, we were able to navigate around said issues. My neck/shoulder pain is back to being manageable.





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