Andy’s Follies #23 – Weird Crispy

Andy's Follies23 COMPLETE

It’s all so horribly true.

I’m going to be honest with you all. I’ve given up on being healthy  — physically or mentally. My grand strategy right now is to be the least unhealthy possible. I’m not going to be running any marathons. A 26-mile race isn’t in the cards. Maybe it’s the same for me and relationships. Perhaps a long and intense emotional marathon would send me back into the loving arms of Colonel Sanders?

That being said, I prefer walking. Light leisurely walking where I can smell the flowers, drink alcohol when I want to, and not have to be reminded of my Mom whenever I turn over in bed.

Wait a minute. Am I still talking about exercise?

Probably not.

I’m not offering advice to any of you reading this. Be healthy. Go climb a mountain! Get engaged. Be married. Have a twenty, thirty, or even forty year monogamous relationship. Go for that brass ring and blue ribbon!


I think I’ll just talk a stroll and smell some roses.

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