Andy’s Follies #18 – The Dark Side


Some days I feel like I accomplished something even though the only thing I did was binge watch Netflix and not eat crap.

You see, I’m losing weight. should be paying me for promoting them, but maybe a smaller waistline is all the rewards this guy needs.

I was unacceptably heavy awhile back and I used stickK to unfatten myself. Flash forward to nowish and somehow between eating fast food and drinking too much rum the pounds came back.

My official goal is to lose one pound a week for twenty weeks. At that point, I won’t be happy (there’s a little voice telling me happiness is for losers. Is that you, Anxiety?). However, I will be acceptably fat.

I have plans, my friends. Once the weight is off I’ll use stickK to help me write on a regular basis. Real writing, too. Books ‘n stuff.

Take care.

I’ll see you next time.

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