Andy’s Follies #10 – Wow, That’s Some Meaty Privilege!


So, here we are. I don’t know why I decided to do a comic about being white. Being in America it’s difficult not to think about it at times.

When I’ve done stand-up comedy a fair amount of my act is about race. A good portion is about sex, too.

But I digress.

I’m one of those invisible minorities. If I keep my mouth shut no one would know I should be on the train to the gulag/re-education camp. Being an invisible minority gives me a behind the scenes look at what some white people think. What they say when there are only white people around.

I’m happy to say I don’t have too many OMG!  That’s racist! stories. However, even a cursory look at the data shows that, yes, Virginia, racism is a thing.


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